I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Louisville School of Art in 1974 and subsequently received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1982.

My work is non-objective and relies heavily on obtaining a final image through a process involving the use of color as well as texture that results from brush strokes or marks that are applied by hand to the painting surface. Texture is achieved largely through the brush marks, which distribute the paint applied unevenly. The colors used in the paintings are normally not predetermined; instead I base my color choices in response to the color(s) that already sit on the painting surface.

I employ an allover painting process in which I begin the application of a particular color at the upper left-hand portion of the surface.  Using short brush marks that are loosely applied in a diamond-grid pattern, I apply paint going from left to right (and down) on the painting surface until the bottom-right portion of the surface is reached. This process is continued repeatedly until I determine that the painting is completed.

I have used this process for a number of years and credit painters such as Mark Tobey, Milton Resnick, and Robert Ryman (to name a very few) in enabling this manner of creating art.